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I recall a story of a young teen girl we will call Sari. She sat perched quietly on a chair. The sun was setting outside the brothel in a small town on Thailand’s border with Malaysia. Sari’s long hair hung forward, shielding her face from view. The eldest of four children, with two disabled parents, she was from a small, poor hill-tribe area in Laos.
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One evening in 2011, after a day of plowing her family’s fields with a neighbor’s bull, Vivian Okoth* was leading the animal back to its owners. On the way, the bull charged her from behind, caught her with his horns, and threw her into the air. Vivian says all she remembers was waking on the rocky ground and sensing the bull rush at her again. As she was gored a second and third time, she screamed and the neighbors came to her rescue, somehow managing to distract the bull and pull him away.
Read More - The Mother & Child Project: How to Prevent the Orphan Crisis
Last week, the Christian Alliance for Orphans held their annual gathering in Hendersonville, TN at Long Hollow Baptist Church. Some 2,500 participants who work with orphans and vulnerable children gathered to hear excellent speakers and artists. They also attended workshops to enhance their work within their nonprofit or their family, as parents or siblings.
Read More - FGHL Blog: Marcos Lopez - Performing emergent trauma surgery in Kenya
Emergent trauma surgery in Kenya is different. A 22-year-old male came to the operating theater area after having a tire explode in front of him as he was working on it. This is certainly not a safe practice, but it’s hard to argue with a young man doing what he can to make an honest living for himself and his family.

Read More - A Conversation with Laurent Lamothe, Former Prime Minister of Haiti and Senator-Doctor Bill Frist, Former U.S. Senate Majority Leader: Belmont University
This Tuesday, Hope Through Healing Hands had the honor of welcoming the former Prime Minister of Haiti, Laurent Lamothe, to Nashville, Tennessee. Mr. Lamothe traveled to Nashville to speak at a LiveBeyond Fundraiser and to meet notable influentials in the music, faith, and nonprofit community who care deeply about the future of Haiti.
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We believe that if we can help keep moms and children healthy worldwide, we can get at the nexus of many sustainable development goals. Moms can go back to work to combat extreme poverty; girls can stay in school to finish secondary school and potentially a university degree; we can promote gender equality, improve maternal and child health, and prevent mother to child transmission of HIV, to name a few outcomes.
Read More - Books & Books: The Mother & Child Project in Coral Gables, FL
Hope Through Healing Hands was delighted to co-host a book launch in the Coral Gables’ Books & Books store owned by Mitchell Kaplan. The store is a treasure for the community, and we couldn’t have been more thrilled to celebrate the book in such magical place.
Read More - Hope Through Healing Hands Invites You to a Conversation on Rebuilding Haiti
Former U.S. Senate Majority leader Bill Frist, M.D., founder of Hope Through Healing Hands, and Laurent Lamothe, former prime minister of the Republic of Haiti, will convene an event at Belmont University on April 21 to discuss progress in Haiti 5 years after the earthquake, and what improvements can still be made for healthcare in that nation.

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