International Family Planning Surveys

With support from Capital for Good, Hope Through Healing Hands directed two research surveys in 2016 to discern the perceptions and response to international family planning from both the general public as well as from political, religious conservative sample of the population. 

Jenny Eaton Dyer, PhD and Brian L. Heuser, EdD led the survey projects to ascertain the best messaging for international family planning to the public. They then shared this research with allied advocacy groups concerned with educating and activating conservative constituencies to take a stand for the critical issues of healthy timing and spacing of pregnancies, or international family planning. This research has proved important in shaping the language particularly to engage evangelicals and other conservatives of influence for this new Administration, who is seemingly opposed to any funding for this key global health issue. 

This policy brief was published in World Health and Population journal.  

International Nutrition Perceptions Surveys

With support from the Eleanor Crook Foundation, Hope Through Healing Hands' Jenny Eaton Dyer, PhD directed two national research surveys with Vanderbilt University's Brian L. Heuser, EdD to determine the best messaging for global nutrition and food security among both political, religious, social conservatives as well as the general population. The survey gleaned the cognitive and emotive response to global nutrition and its correlatating issues as well as the level of education among the public for this critical intervention for vulnerable populations around the world. The end goal is to shape better messaging for stronger advocacy, legislation, and funding for global nutrition. Currently, bilateral nutrition is funded at about $125M per year. 

In a moment where the world is facing four historic famines in Africa and the Middle East, we need to assess how the public might respond to increasing funding for nutrition and food security. 

Our hope is that organizations who are service providers or who do advocacy in the space for global nutrition will use this research brief as a tool to best communicate their work and the need to the public. We have provided the brief as well as a one-pager of Do's and Dont's below for those organizations.

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