Effective philanthropy is driven by three questions — why, what, and how? AEI President Arthur Brooks was joined by Melinda Gates for a discussion about how the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation answers these questions in their efforts to solve major public health and education challenges around the globe.
My 44-hour journey from Knoxville, TN to Zhengzhou, China was exhausting, but fairly easy and uneventful. During the 16-hour flight from JFK to Guangzhou, I had trouble sleeping due to anticipation of what was to come, which led to a migraine. The process to go through immigrations and customs was almost identical to that in the United States when arriving in Guangzhou. After a two-hour delay, I finally boarded my flight to Zhengzhou!
I’m honored to be traveling in China this week on behalf of Hope Through Healing Hands as a member of the Global Board of Directors for The Nature Conservancy. We will be spending eight days at the intersection of global health and nature, conservation and climate. Climate change disproportionately affects the most vulnerable people in the world, and I’m looking forward to learning more about how we can help both conservation efforts and global health.
I hope you are all doing well back at home. I have really settled in here. I am loving the country and the people more and more each day. Work has been moving very quickly, that is why I have not been posting as often. The KAP study as been finalized and translated into Mongolian and the pilot study for that is currently being worked on. I am hoping that will be accomplished before I leave.
It’s hard to believe that a month has already gone by. I am sure the month of April will be even faster than March and I will be home before I know it. I apologize for not writing sooner, I have been under the weather the past few days but am finally much better.

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