By Jenny Eaton Dyer, PhD

Jubilee2Hope Through Healing Hands was proud to be a lead sponsor at the annual Jubilee Conference held in Pittsburgh, PA, where almost four thousand college students gather each year to consider the intersection of their vocation with their faith. These eager students were ready to take a deep dive in both weighty issues, such as race, socio-economics, mass incarceration, and global health as well as ideas to explore their callings in life.

The speakers were a collection of diverse experts, offering a panoply of workshops for the students to find their niche interest.

For this conference, I spoke on global health and development, educating these college students on the role of U.S. leadership in global health worldwide. Most were new to these issues and were surprised to learn that foreign assistance constitutes just 1% of the U.S. budget.

Most hadn’t considered the issues of mothers and children or the Christian practice of advocacy.


I had many pre-med students eager to think about how their work might be a background for advocacy work in Washington D.C. It was so exciting to see their enthusiasm for global health concerns and activism.

At the end of the session, we gave them the opportunity to practice advocacy by signing a letter to their Congressional representative to support full funding for global health and development.

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