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Mother and Child ProjectThe Mother & Child Project was compiled by Hope Through Healing Hands’ Faith-based Coalition for Healthy Mothers and Children Worldwide. 

In this important book, Melinda Gates, Kay Warren, Senator William H. Frist, M.D., Christine Caine, Kimberly Williams Paisley, Michael W. Smith, Natalie Grant, Jennifer Nettles, Jennie Allen, Amy Grant, and many other inspirational leaders, cultural icons, political experts, academics, and service providers tackle the important topic of maternal and child health in developing countries. Through personal narrative and compelling research, this book educates and inspires people of faith to join us in empowering mothers and children worldwide.

Released by Zondervan in March 2015, The Mother & Child Project: Raising our Voices for Health and Hope, also includes personal stories from women in places like Kenya, India, Uganda and Burundi. They describe how their lives and those of their children are impacted by the ability to plan the timing and spacing of their pregnancies, and by access to pre-natal and post-natal medical care.

Watch this important video with Senator Bill Frist, MD:

Selected Endorsements

“One of the best ways we can tackle extreme poverty is one family at a time, empowering women with access to healthcare, education, and the economic opportunity they need and deserve. This compelling and wise collection of essays tells you how to join the fight.” — President William J. Clinton

“I began to cry after about five minutes of reading, and didn’t stop till I put the book down, equal parts heartbreak and gratitude—heartbreak because I’m a mom, and the realities that mothers and children experience globally are unspeakable, and gratitude for the brave and intelligent people that God is using to right these wrongs. A hopeful, important, inspiring book.” — Shauna Niequist, Bestselling Author of Bread & Wine, Bittersweet, and Cold Tangerines

"If you want to improve the welfare of a country, you must uplift the caliber and character of the healthcare available to mothers and children, the very life force of a nation, and key to its longevity. The Mother & Child Project uniquely explains how each of us can participate in changing the access to healthcare for women and children around the world.” — Bishop T.D. Jakes, The Potter’s House

Discussion Guide

The Discussion Guide for The Mother & Child Project will prompt helpful conversations for book clubs, small groups, and others interested in the topic of women and child health throughout the world and how the church community can get involved. It is divided into four sessions — one to complement each section of the book, The Mother and Child Project.

Each session then is divided into two parts: “At Home” — several suggested essays to read from the book prior to the gathering to discuss — and “In Your Small Group” — several discussion questions, often supplemented by a pertinent quote from the book, plus a follow-up activity to enable your group to become personally involved.

Watch humanitarian photographer Esther Havens tell the incredible story of photographing the mother and baby on the cover of this book.


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