This Tuesday, Hope Through Healing Hands had the honor of welcoming the former Prime Minister of Haiti, Laurent Lamothe, to Nashville, Tennessee. Mr. Lamothe traveled to Nashville to speak at a LiveBeyond Fundraiser and to meet notable influentials in the music, faith, and nonprofit community who care deeply about the future of Haiti.

Frist Lamothe Conversation

Hope Through Healing Hands was proud to lead a conversation at Belmont University with both Mr. Lamothe and Senator Frist to discuss Mr. Lamothe’s time in office after the earthquake, his social and economic initiatives, and his ambitions and goals for the country if he decides to run in the next election for the presidency.

Bob Fisher, President of Belmont University and Jenny Eaton Dyer, PhD, executive director of Hope Through Healing Hands welcomed the community to the event. David Vanderpool, MD, founder and CEO of LiveBeyond offered introductions for both Senator Frist and Mr. Lamote. Mr. Lamothe’s relationship with Nashville’s own Tracie and Scott Hamilton, the former Olympic gold medalist, was the impetus of the visit.

Dyer Lamothe

Senator-Doctor Frist has spent considerable time in Haiti as a physician, philanthropist, and director on the board of the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund. From that experience, he was able to discuss the trajectory of economic advancement through job creation as well as health interventions and initiatives that have proven successful.

Mr. Lamothe offered quantifiable successes in Haiti over the last few years, namely in providing housing for those displaced by the earthquake and putting children back in school. He also discussed how both of these massive projects were creatively underwritten.

This was a unique event, welcoming a former, and possibly future, political leader from Haiti, to make connections for Nashville to inspire optimism for the future of Haiti, and to hopefully better navigate the challenges of the bureaucracy of the Haitian government for years to come.

Frist Lamothe Room

Frist Lamothe Belmont

Frist Lamothe Belmont