The comprehensive report that I have been creating of a baseline study has proven to be a challenge and a great learning experience. I have learned how to use SPSS software more fully and gained a better understanding of application of biostatistics and epidemiologic concepts I learned in the classroom. Having to actually use information always brings a new level of understanding. I have called upon colleagues within my network at the ETSU College of Public Health to help me along the way. After finishing up some literature review for recommendations, my report will be ready to submit to the organization by February 14.

            Findings of my data-crunching include demographic, water and sanitation, maternal and infant health, economic development, communication infrastructure, education, community organization and advocacy, women’s empowerment, and nutrition data. Some of the more interesting findings include the number-one cause of death of children being diarrhea, as well as a high prevalence of diarrheal illness at the time of the survey. Figures from these questions are shown below. 

Beth O'Connell Child Cause of Death

Beth O'Connell Current Illness of Children

Other highly interesting data is found in education levels and literacy rates. Please see the graphs and table below. 

Beth O'Connell Literacy

Beth O'Connell Languages Spoken

Beth O'Connell Highest Grade Completed

These are just two examples of data standing out from this now forty-page report. I expect my work to be of significant value to my host organization, and it is certainly adding to my knowledge and understanding of baseline needs assessment and data analysis.