Good Afternoon Everyone,

I hope you are all doing well back at home.  I have really settled in here. I am loving the country and the people more and more each day.  Work has been moving very quickly, that is why I have not been posting as often.  The KAP study as been finalized and translated into Mongolian and the pilot study for that is currently being worked on.  I am hoping that will be accomplished before I leave.  For the Community Awareness Campaign, I have been working closely with the director of Mongolian Network Broadcasting to finalize the strategy for the Awareness Campaign.  We are trying to bring awareness to viral hepatitis and liver cancer for the general population.  I think this will also be finalized by the end of the week.  We also launched a survey to the public that answers general questions about the current media environment for the general population.  This will assist in planning for the Community Awareness Campaign.  We asked questions about their usage of social media, TV, and other communication modes in addition to their preference for receiving medical information specific to viral hepatitis and liver cancer.  I will keep you updated as we get more results from this survey.  It is currently being given to the ger districts who may not have regular access to internet and social media.

I have also had time to explore the country a little bit more- especially outside the city.  I went mountain biking with a group of expats a couple Saturdays ago. It was very challenging but great to get out of the city.  Additionally, I went Terelj National Park last week- rode a camel, a horse and got some much needed fresh air! Also, Jesse Davis Quartet a jazz band from New Orleans played here the other night. It makes me realize how small a world it really is!I am really looking forward to sharing with the College about the different projects I have been working on.  I am really excited to see the positive results in the future as well.  Please enjoy pictures of the past couple of weeks below!

This was our horse guide

Turtle Rock- Terelj National Park