Mia Farrow writes that former United States Senator Bill Frist, M.D. has joined the DARFUR FAST FOR LIFE to show his solidarity with the 1.1 million refugees who are fighting for their lives after Sudanese President Bashir banned 13 humanitarian aid organizations in March 2009.  Senator Frist will fast by drinking only water on August 14, August 19 and August 21.

Senator Frist said "I fast to send a message to fellow leaders, fasters and activists that we must definitively address the cause of the ongoing violence and persecution in Darfur. It is an affront to our compassion, our decency and our very humanity that the government of Sudan has put racism, political and financial interests ahead of its people. I want the refugees in Darfur to know they are not forgotten and that we will not give up until we see peace come to our Sudanese brothers, sisters and children."

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