Hello Jenny,
   Well, it's hard to believe that December is upon us, and that I've been here three months already.  Africare--Sierra Leone recently welcomed Vicki Johnson to our office, who is joining us as our new Country Representative.  Vicki and I have met to discuss a comprehensive "game plan" for the rest of my time here in Freetown, as well as what my legacy to the office will be.  I'm going to be charged with drafting executive summaries for a number of our past projects--something that needs to be done--and possibly putting them on our website.  This will make it easier for researchers, potential donors, and any interested party to know what Africare has accomplished in Sierra Leone.  I'm also going to work on a comprehensive mission plan for Africare--Sierra Leone for the next few years.  It will be tied in with Africare's own Master Plan, as well as the Sierra Leonean government's 2015 plan.
  Currently, I have finished up my evaluations of schools for the WFP school feeding program.  Now begins the logistical process of delivering food, training food preparers, etc.  I hope to have the feeding begin by the end of January.  I am also going home for two weeks at the end of December.  It will be nice to see my family for Christmas and New Year's, and to experience cold weather again.  I miss it!