FGHL Jennifer Quigley

Our last clinic and teaching are back in Limbe! Clinic St. Jean is a large hospital that sees about 250-300 patients a day. The directors wanted the majority of their staff to receive the education, so we did training over two days and taught over 50 providers and nursing students.

The medical director and one of the physicians offered very good insights as to how their patients would receive the Standard Days Method of natural family planning, and we concluded that it would be a great addition to their program. Since they have very limited funding, the cost of obtaining the CycleBeads was a concern of theirs.

I discussed options with them and encouraged them to reach out to the Ministry of Health and Catholic Church for assistance in obtaining these beads. It encourages me to continue work in trying to find resources for these non-privately, lower funded clinics who see a large number of women who would benefit greatly from this education.

This being my last clinic and teaching session is bittersweet. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to follow my passion and teach such a large number of providers about the Standard Days Method, but I am so sad that I will be leaving on Thursday.

This is the start of something wonderful and the foundation of where my life will take me. And I cannot fathom doing anything else with my life. This is my calling and where I am supposed to be, and I cannot thank Hope Through Healing Hands enough for the opportunity to live my dream.

FGHL Jennifer Quigley

Before we left on Thursday, the school children were gathering around to bid us farewell. I cried the whole way out of Robillard....and maybe a time or two on the way to the airport!