Yesterday International Women Day was celebrated by giving cakes, sweets, flowers in appreciation of women around the country.  It kind of reminded me of Valentines day in the states- I was walking around towards the downtown square and passed countless men carrying flowers or cake boxes home. So naturally- I got myself a cupcake to celebrate :). It actually was pretty tasty! The day was also celebrated with no work- so I got a holiday on my second day.

I spent the holiday walking to the central square – Chengis Khan Square (once it reached 3 degrees outside). I promise I have never felt cold until yesterday.  I think it took about an hour to actually warm up after walking for 20 minutes.  I think it is supposed to warm up to the 30s next week so I am definitely looking forward to that!

Monday and Wednesday of this week have been mostly familiarizing myself with FIRE and what I am supposed to start working on here.  I mentioned briefly in the previous post that I will be working on a Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice (KAP) survey as well as helping plan for a community awareness campaign for Viral Hepatitis and liver cancer- two huge issues in Mongolia.  I have been familiarizing myself with the epidemiological features of the country through various documents given to me by mentors at FIRE.

On Monday we met with the World Health Organization Representative in Mongolia (FIRE has a strong relationship with WHO) which was very informative towards future project plans for the organization.  For those interested in the epidemiological features of the country, I will attach a document with descriptives to this blog (click on interested)- be sure to check out this information from WHO.  I will keep you updated on the progress of each project.  I will be apart largely of the planning for each project- I have a goal of piloting the KAP survey before I leave.  I am planning to coordinate with other Public Health Students here in Mongolia so they can implement the final KAP survey.  I am very excited about this opportunity to collaborate and learn with local students!

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My Living Room

Walking towards my apartment after getting groceries

Walking near city center on International Women Day

City Center