How time flies, it is hard to believe my days in Munsieville will come to an end soon. We come and help building the new home every weekend (everyone was volunteering, so progress is slow, but tent and food are provided, so the family who lost their home is fine), today, the house is finally done, and I feel so happy and think it is a privilege to help people who live in shack. It is amazing that, with such limited resource, we build a high quality house in the shack with passion and faith. This house building event is a really good propagation for The Thoughtful Path, getting us closer to local people; even more, people are learning home safety knowledge from us (always lots of people watching us work).

Additionally, I have finalized the survey instrument, the guidebook for interviewer, code book, and data entry table. Betty drove me through the whole shack area to decide what sampling method to be used. Really exciting moment for me, because that’s the main reason why I am here- design a baseline survey collecting Munsieville Children’s information from as much respect as possible for future intervention use. Once I entered into Children’s Embassy, I meet up with volunteers who will conduct the survey, see those young, emotional, energetic “Munzy”, I brought them house by house to do pilot survey , teach them how to do interview, what need to concern, and leave them the guidebook just in case. Munsieville is such a beautiful place, I am not talking about its sight from eyes, obviously looks ugly and depressing, I am talking about something much much deeper. Look at those volunteers, the local director Betty and other staff, look at the caregivers and hub members, through their eyes, I can only see and feel the pure love and warmth from people in this community. More stories I hear the more tears I burst, those local volunteers love their community, and they try best to work with us, bring future to the next generation. Love working with them!

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