Sept. 16, 2015 | Grace for Moms

Grace for MomsImagine this. . .

You are walking your sweet baby in a brand new stroller through a wooded path in your suburban neighborhood. So thankful for a few moments to think as baby sleeps and you breathe in the fresh air, you finally feel at peace. You wonder what to make for dinner and whether or not you’ll have time to stop by Target to pick up that new comforter you’ve had your eye on for weeks. All of a sudden your train of thought is interrupted by a faint cry. You check to see if baby is awake, annoyed that his afternoon naps have been so sporadic. You just need a little time to yourself. But baby is peacefully sleeping. You go back to the to-do list in your mind but it isn’t long before the cry becomes louder, more intense. As you follow the walking path, you begin to make it out. . . a woman crying for help. A few more yards and you see her around the bend; an obviously pregnant woman on the ground in horrifying pain. What do you do?

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