The Frist Global Health Leaders (FGHL) program affords young health professional students, residents, and fellows the opportunity to serve and train abroad in underserved communities for up to one semester. In doing so, they will bolster capacity in clinics in need of support as well as offer training to community health workers to promote sustainability upon their departure from these communities. As part of the program, they blog about their experiences here. For more information, visit our program page.

Futball in Cambodia

There's nothing like when you get to see over 65-75,000 Cambodians cram into a stadium with a capacity of 50,000. Nothing brings a trip to Cambodia to an eventful end better than a national soccer game between Cambodia and Timor Leste. Not only was this game the biggest event of the week here in Cambodia, it was the perfect representation of this country, their camaraderie, and their never-ending joy. This futball game was more than two teams playing against each other for a win. It was a representation of the ability of this country to join together, to fight for joy and for the well-being of one another. Hearing thousands of Cambodians pridefully sing out their national anthem is unforgettable. Being in Cambodia for 19 days, I have been able to learn about their history, witness the destruction that was left behind after the Khmer Rouge, be a bystander to the heartbreaking realities of the existing poverty, and also enjoy the unwavering joy of the Cambodian people. My heart is weighing heavy with the desire to help these people more. As the end of my trip is quickly approaching, I wish I could change more, that I could impact this country like it has impacted me. I am honored to have been a witness to the fight for joy and restoration that Cambodia has, and I know that my love for this country and its people has only just begun.