By Amy Fogleman, RN


The Mobilizing Medical Missions Conference, also known as “M3” had its third annual conference February 23-24, 2018 at Lakewood Church in Houston, TX.

During this two-day conference, exhibitors and attendees were encouraged to connect with one another in a meaningful way to further the work and passions of those working or looking to get involved in the medical missions field. The conference attracts faith-based medical professionals, those on the verge of becoming medical professionals, and medical and global health mission support fields to use their time, talents, and faith to reach a hurting and broken world.

M3 Booth

Part of the exhibits included a fully outfitted Emergency Field Hospital from Samaritan’s Purse. This large tent display included actual supplies and equipment used in medical mission deployments. The guides who were there to lead attendees through the various rooms and flow of service were on-the-ground nurses and doctors who have served in areas of conflict. They were able to share their first-hand experiences of working on wounded civilians in war-torn areas.

All were encouraged throughout the conference to heed the Biblical callings of verses found in Matthew 25, Isaiah 58, and Proverbs 31 to tend to those in need. The main keynote speaker, Gary Haugen of International Justice Mission, challenged the audience with acting on the concept of “holy discontent;” encountering a situation of social injustice and our response to it as Christians.

Amy and Dan

In addition to the plenary speakers, there were several breakout sessions for attendees to engage in a more intimate setting. I was honored to speak alongside Dan Haseltine (Blood:Water and Jars of Clay) for our session titled “Nutritional Value of a Stone: A Christian Perspective on Global Food Security.” Our session discussed the global landscape of food securities and the importance of meeting nutritional needs around the world and how using your voice to advocate for foreign-assistance, which supports global nutrition, can make a difference.

In case you missed the presentation, please find it here: