The Vanderbilt Institute for Global Health is hosting the second annual Tennessee Global Health Forum on February 12, 2010.

The Forum is being held at the Vanderbilt Student Life Center in Nashville, Tennessee and is bringing together individuals and organizations that are involved or hope to be involved in global health and development. The forum will address how sustainability fits into the arena of global health, offer lessons from leaders in international orgnazations based in Tennessee, help identify the existing and potential approaches to buliding sustainable programs in the Tennessee local area expanding to the global setting, and to explore and open up new doors to the successful methods that lead to sustaining global health programs.

Experiencing this forum, one can walk away with new ideas, methods, and applicable practices that will allow one to immediatley take action in global health, have the extra push to encourage others to engage in global health, connect themselves to the network of global health and development activists and importantly improve one's project right away.

The Forum is divided into two sessions: a morning "Roundtable Topic Discussion" and an afternoon "Lessons Learned". One can expect to hear from various speakers from areas of faith based organizations, health informatics, local volunteers, and Nonprofit organizations.  The forum is very participant driven in conversations and interactions with panels addressing topics such as, "when to let go: recognizing and acting on the need for change in organizational leadership" or "Cost recovery-is nonprofit, charitable health care a realistic and sustainable goal?.

To register and check out program information, visit Or one can call (615) 322-3974. With registration, indicate/select your top three selections for the morning roundtable discussion and the afternoon lessons learned session. Special dietary requests can be accommodated.