February 23, 2010

by Bill Frist, M.D.

Haiti Fund Update 

            As of this week, we've been able to donate over $115,000 of your generous gifts to provide immediate assistance for the victims of the earthquake in Haiti. Most recently, beneficiaries have included Missionary Flights International, which has provided air transport during this time of crisis in Haiti, and Mobile Medical Disaster Relief, which will be purchasing tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis vaccinations for over 6500 children in Port au Prince.

            Below are three great photos of how our monies have been spent already. Love Everybody has used our gift to purchase a water purification machine, Samaritan Air has provided transport for mothers and children to clinics to receive immediate aid, and Promise for Haiti has purchased an autoclave or sterilizer for their clinic in Pignon. We will continue to demonstrate exactly how your dollars have been used as our beneficiaries report back with photographs of how your gift has been spent. 

LE_Water Purification.jpg     

Annual Report 2009 

            Our Annual Report 2009 will be published this month! We are excited to showcase our programmatic efforts from last year with measureable results from your investment. Over 2200 patients were seen, 175 community health workers/medical personnel/leaders were trained, and 20 training courses were provided to clinics in Guatemala, Kenya, and Rwanda. We are proud of our first class of Global Health Leaders.


            For 2010, we will be supporting 13 Global Health Leaders. We are looking forward to working with new schools and new students including those from Lipscomb University and Belmont University. Our leaders are standing in the gap of the critical need for health workers in developing communities. They are bravely going into clinics, caring for patients, and training health workers to enhance and sustain the health care of children, women, and families.

Support these Global Health Leaders' work today.