February 16, 2009


On January 3rd, Big Kenny was awoken with a strong emotion. Thirty minutes later it was the words to "Cry With You." Big Kenny worked on "Cry With You" while planning his departure to Haiti to help search for Walt who was in the country working on several renewable energy projects at the time. It features a broad range of spirit and talent who came into The Last Dollar Studio to track and complete the song while Big Kenny was away. The song includes the First String Orchestra directed by Carl Marsh, recorded at Oceanway Studios the day prior to Big Kenny's departure to Haiti, spoken word by Senator Bill Frist just back from Haiti himself, Better Than Ezra members Kevin Griffin and Travis McNabb, Glotown Artist Damien Horne, Lo Carter as well as many others.

Because of the many Fan requests, if you wish to make a donation to the "Love Everybody Fund", all purchase amounts over the $1 "Cry With You" track price, will go directly into the Love Everybody Fund of the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee. We hope this simplifies the giving process and your many wishes to HELP. Thank You.