Knit One, Save One
By Carole Robinson, staff writer
[email protected]


Former U.S. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist M.D. visited a women's group at Grace Chapel Saturday morning to say thank you for about 1,000 caps for newborn babies.

In two months' time, the women of Grace Chapel knitted more than 800 tiny caps and secured a donation of about 200 caps from a local store for the Knit One, Save One campaign with the Save the Children Foundation.

"Two million babies die on the day they are born," Frist told the women. "More than two thirds of those deaths are preventable cheaply, inexpensively and simply with just a little thing like keeping the baby warm after birth. In some countries, when the baby is born, they lay it on the ground without cleaning it up and tend to the mother first."

Knit One, Save One is a national grassroots campaign launched by Save the Children and the Warm Up America Foundation to draw attention to the four million newborns in developing countries that die each year within the first month of life. Research shows that 60 percent of those deaths can be prevented if the mothers and children had access to a simple $10 health package that includes antibiotics to fight infections, immunizations against tetanus, training for birth attendants, breastfeeding and basic care education such as keeping a baby warm with a knit cap.

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