Oct. 15, 2015 | The Guardian

As men of faith, we share a deeply held conviction that all families – regardless of their religious beliefs – are entitled to lead healthy lives free from suffering and deprivation. But, tragically, an absence of basic family planning services deprives millions of people of this fundamental right every year.

More than 200 million women worldwide lack access to modern contraceptives – and when families are unable to control the timing and spacing of pregnancies, the cost can be measured in thousands of women’s and children’s lives lost.

Because of this influence, faith leaders worldwide have an unparalleled opportunity – indeed, a moral obligation – to prioritise conversations about family planning and close the contraception gap.

Quality family planning services provide enormous health and economic benefits to families, communities and countries. According to the UN Development Programme, for every $1 spent on family planning, governments can save up to $6 for other development priorities. There is also wide agreement among global experts that people who have access to family planning information, services and supplies are likelier to complete their education, live more prosperous lives and raise healthier children.

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