Our faith traditions, spiritual values, and commitment to justice lead us to believe that families living in extreme poverty worldwide should not suffer needlessly because they lack access to health services, including the education and tools to allow them to time and space their pregnancies in a healthy way. 

We acknowledge that the challenges around healthy timing and spacing of pregnancies are substantial. Each year, nearly four in 10 pregnancies in developing nations are unintended. An estimated 287,00 women die from pregnancy and birth complications in developing nations; newborns who have lost their mother are ten times more likely to die in infancy than one who has not. Ensuring healthy timing and spacing of pregnancies will help to address these tragedies as well as to achieve Millennium Development Goals #4 (reducing child mortality) and #5 (improving maternal health).

We seek to enable women and couples in developing nations to determine the timing and spacing of their pregnancies in a manner that includes the voluntary use of methods for preventing pregnancy—not including abortion—that are harmonious with their values and religious beliefs. We may have  varied positions on particular methods (which include fertility-awareness approaches as well as contraceptives), but we do agree that healthy timing and spacing of pregnancies saves lives and allows families to flourish.

We know that stronger, healthier families and communities result when couples jointly plan the births of their children, and we affirm that women and families should plan the timing and spacing of their pregnancies based on their own faith and needs.

We commit to leveraging our networks in the United States to support education and tools to enable families in developing countries to plan the healthy timing and spacing of their pregnancies, consistent with their faith. We recognize that influencing government and donor policies and funding is an important part of this goal. We call on others to support our effort, to influence government and donor policies and funding, and to champion this essential aspect of maternal, newborn, and child health.


Jeff Ables Lead Pastor, Crossroads Church Lafayette, LA
Nancy Alcorn Founder and President, Mercy Ministries International Nashville, TN
Jennie Allen Founder of IF Gathering, Author Austin, TX
Kenny Alphin      Artist, Big & Rich Nashville, TN
Guy Ames Associate Pastor, Asbury United Methodist Church  Tulsa, OK
Tai Anderson Artist, Third Day Atlanta, GA
Andi Ashworth      Editor, Art House America Nashville, TN
Walter August,  Jr. Author, Sr. Pastor & Chairman of Bethel’s Family Church Houston, TX
Dave Barnes Artist Nashville, TN
Stephan Bauman      CEO and President, World Relief Baltimore, MD
Steve Berger      Sr. Pastor, Grace Chapel Leipers Fork, TN
Lisa Bevere Author, Speaker, and Founder of Messenger International Colorado Springs, CO
Chris Bolton      CEO, Blood:Water Nashville, TN
Annette Bourland      Sr. VP & Group Publisher, Zondervan  Grand Rapids, MI
Dale Brantner President/CEO, CURE International Lemoyne, PA
Colleen Buroughs      Founder, Watering Malawi Birmingham, AL
Tony Campolo,  PhD    Author & Speaker, Eastern University St. David’s, PA
Mary Beth Chapman      Author Brentwood, TN
Steven Curtis Chapman   Artist Brentwood, TN
Michael Coleman Founder and Executive Director, Hope Inspired Ministries Montgomery, AL
Kevin Conforti President of Christian Flights International Lexington, KY
Jennifer Cooke      Manager, Amy Grant Nashville, TN
Chaz Corzine      Manager, The MWS Group Franklin, TN
David Dark, PhD Professor & Author, Belmont University Nashville, TN

Rev. Brandon Dasinger

Teaching Pastor and Director of Missions, Frazer United Methodist Church

Montgomery, AL

Dale Dawson 

Founder, Chairman & CEO – Bridge2Rwanda 

Little Rock, AR

Third Day      Christian Band Atlanta, GA
Chris Devaney Executive Director, Children’s Nutrition Program of Haiti Chattanooga, TN
Jenny Eaton Dyer,  PhD    ED, Hope Through Healing Hands Nashville, TN
Gary L. Edmonds      President/CEO, Food for the Hungry Phoenix, AZ
Kris Eldridge Mission Pastor, Fellowship Bible Church Roswell, GA
Jean Eloi Founder of Hope for Haiti Foundation Cary, NC
Rachel Held Evans Author and Speaker Dayton, TN
Cathleen Falsani Author and Journalist Laguna Beach, CA
Dr. Paul Frank Executive Director, SIL LEAD, Inc. Washington D.C.
Justin Fratt Director of Operations, Gospel Music Association Nashville, TN
Bill Frist,  MD    Chairman, Hope Through Healing Hands Nashville, TN
Gary Furr,  PhD    Pastor, Vestavia Hills Baptist Church Birmingham, AL
Jen Gash Founder and President, Sweet Sleep, Inc. Nashville, TN
Eric Geary CEO, Lexington Leadership Foundation Lexington, KY
Mike Glenn      Sr. Pastor, Brentwood Baptist Church Brentwood, TN
Myron Goodwin      Missions and Adult Equipping Pastor, Grace Chapel Franklin, TN
Amy Grant      Artist Nashville, TN
Jennifer Grant Author & Speaker Chicago, IL
Natalie Grant Artist Brentwood, TN
Andrew Greer Artist, Songwriter, and Author Franklin, TN
Eddie G. Grigg President - Charlotte Christian College and Theological Seminary Charlotte, NC
Garrett Grigsby      Executive Director, Christian Connections for International Health Vienna, VA
Rev. Dr. David Gushee Distinguished University Professor of Christian Ethics, Mercer University Decatur, GA
Scott Hamilton      Olympic Gold Medalist & Philanthropist Franklin, TN
Tracie Hamilton      Philanthropist & Mother Franklin, TN
Rev John Harris Associate Pastor - Downtown Baptist Church  Orlando, FL
Michael Hart Associate Pastor, University Presbyterian Church  Orlando, FL
Mike Hart Missions Pastor, First Baptist Tulsa  Tulsa, OK
Dan Haseltine      Artist, Jars of Clay Franklin, TN
Rev. Joshua McCrory Hatcher Sr. Pastor, Historic Trinity Lutheran Church  St. Louis, MO
Esther Havens      Humanitarian Photographer Dallas, TX
Brandon Heath Recording Artist Nashville, TN
Dr. William "Hess" Hester Senior Pastor, Southern Hills Baptist Church Tulsa, OK
Bill Hybels Founder & Senior Pastor, Willow Creek Community Church South Barrington, IL
Lynne Hybels Advocate for Global Engagement, Willow Creek Community Church South Barrington, IL
Christopher Ingram Senior Pastor, Yates Baptist Church Durham, NC
Bishp T.D. Jakes Senior Pastor, The Potter's House Los Angeles, CA
Cameron James Recording Artist, Dream Label Group Nashville, TN
Randy Jumper Missions Pastor, First Assembly  North Little Rock, AR
Velvet Kelm      President, The {M}edia Collective Franklin, TN
David P. King, Ph.D. Karen Lake Buttrey Director, Lake Institute on Faith & Giving Indianapolis, IN
Dr. James A Kowalski Dean of The Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine New York City, NY
Francie Likis, DrPH, NP, CNM Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Midwifery & Women's Health Nashville, TN
Chuck Love Lead Pastor, Beechland Baptist Church  Louisville, KY
Charlie Lowell      Artist, Jars of Clay Nashville, TN
Rev. Elizabeth Mangham Lott Sr. Pastor, St. Charles Baptist Church New Orleans, LA
Ray Martin      Executive Director Emeritus, Christian Connections for International Health Sterling, VA
Sarah Masen Artist Nashville, TN
John Mays  Sr. Vice President of A&R, Centricity Music  Franklin, TN
Mike McCloskey COO, Awakening Events Atlanta, GA
Sandra McCracken Recording Artist, Producer, Writer and Mother Nashville, TN
Joe McIlhaney, MD    Founder and Chair, The Medical Institute for Sexual Health Plano, TX
Brian McLaren      Author & Speaker Marco Island, FL
Santiago "Jimmy" Mellado      President, Compassion International Colorado Springs, CO
Jennifer Mellick Executive Director, UP Global Network Olathe, KS
David Moberg      SVP & Group Publishing, HarperCollins Christian Publishing Nashville, TN
Elisa Morgan Former President of MOPS, Author, and Activist Denver, CO
Jeff Moseley President/Founder, Fair Trade Services Brentwood, TN
Jena Lee Nardella      Co-Founder, Blood:Water &Author Nashville, TN
Jennifer Nettles      Artist (Sugarland) Nashville, TN
Roxanne Nichols Director of Label Operations, Provident Label Group Franklin, TN
Lindsey Nobles      COO, If: Gathering Austin, TX
Christy Nockels Artist/Speaker Franklin, TN
Nathan Nockels Music Producer Franklin, TN
Paul Osteen MD Associate Pastor, Lakewood Church Houston, TX
Susan A. Otchere Project Director, Mobilizing for Maternal and Neonatal Health through Birth Spacing and Advocacy (MOMENT) project, World Vision US Washington, DC
Kimberly Williams Paisley      Actor & Philanthropist Franklin, TN
J. Jeffrey Palmer      Executive Director, Baptist Global Response Nashville, TN
Jackie Patillo President and Executive Director, Gospel Music Association Nashville, TN
Charlie Peacock      Music Producer & Artist-in-Residence, Lipscomb University Nashville, TN
Miles Phelps City for the Nations Director Lexington, KY
Anna Reed Phillips  Co–Founder and Director of Development, Bridge2Rwanda Scholars  Nashville, TN
Robin Price Outreach Director, Crossroads Church Lafayette, LA
Richard Ramsey Outreach Pastor, North Metro Church  Marietta, GA
Mark Reddy Executive Producer of The Justice Conference Chicago, IL
Vickie Reddy Executive Producer of The Justice Conference Chicago, IL
Doug Roe Sr. Pastor, Vineyard Church Dayton, OH
Larry Ross      President, A. Larry Ross Communications Carrollton, TX
Josh Rouse Global Outreach Pastor, Northeast Christian Church  Louisville, KY
Rev. Dr. Gabriel Salguero

President, National Latino Evangelical Coalition, 

Pastor, Calvario City Church

Orlando, FL
Rev. Edwin Sanders  II    Sr. Servant, Metropolitan Interdenominational Church Nashville, TN
Scott Sauls      Sr. Pastor, Christ Presbyterian Church Nashville, TN
Jo Saxton Director, 3DM, and Speaker Minneapolis, MN
Dan Scott      Sr. Pastor, Christ Church Nashville Nashville, TN
Rev. Sarah Jackson Shelton      Sr. Pastor, Baptist Church of the Covenant Birmingham, AL
Lott Shudde      Manager, Third Day Brentwood, TN
Rev. Britt Skarda  Sr. Pastor, Pulaski Heights United Methodist Church  Little Rock, AR
Scott Sliver Associate Lead Pastor, Vineyard Church Dayton, OH
Leslie Smart Executive Director for Christian Flights International Lexington, KY
Anita Smith      President, Childrens AIDS Fund Washington, DC
Michael W. Smith      Artist  Franklin, TN
Shepherd Smith      President, International Youth Development Washington, DC
Durwood Snead Director of GlobalXNorthpoint Community Church Atlanta, GA
Deron Spoo Pastor, First Baptist Tulsa  Tulsa, OK
Leigh Spruill Rector, St. George’s Episcopal Church

Nashville, TN

Jeff Spry Executive Director, City Connections, Inc.

Little Rock, AR

Clay Stauffer Sr. Pastor, Woodmont Christian Church Nashville, TN
Richard Stearns      President, World Vision US Federal Way, WA
Rev. Becca Stevens Founder, Magdalene/Thistle Farms Nashville, TN
David Stevens,  MD,  M.A. (Ethics) CEO, Christian Medical & Dental Association Bristol, TN
Curtis W. Stoneberger Executive Vice-President, Mocha Club  Nashville, TN
Elizabeth Styffe RN, MN, PHN Global Director for HIV & AIDS and Orphan Care Initiatives at Saddleback Church Orange County, CA
Sherry Surratt      CEO and President, MOPS International Colorado Springs, CO
Cathy R. Taylor,  DrPh,  MSN, RN Dean and Professor, Belmont University Nashville, TN
Steve Taylor      Recording Artist & Filmmaker Nashville, TN
David Vanderpool      Founder, LiveBeyond Thomazeau, Haiti
Lynn Vincent Author, Heaven is for Real San Diego, CA
Jim Wallis      President and Founder, Sojourners Washington, DC
John Walter      President, African Leadership Brentwood, TN
Stefanie Weiland      Executive Director, LifeNet International Orlando, FL
Rob J. Weingartner      Executive Director, The Outreach Foundation Franklin, TN
Jim West Lead Pastor, Colonial Presbyterian Church Kansas City, MO
Dr. George Westlake Jr. Pastor Emeritus – Sheffield Family Life Center Kansas City, MO
Darren Whitehead      Sr. Pastor, Church of the City Nashville, TN
Chad Wible  Pastor, Community Covenant Church Kirkwood, MO
Morgan Wills, MD President & CEO, Siloam Health Nashville, TN
Bruce Wilkinson CEO of Catholic Medical Mission Board New York, NY
Jessica Wolstenholm      Author and Founder, Gather and Grow  Franklin, TN
Wes Yoder      President, Ambassador Speakers & Literary Nashville, TN

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