Updated October 3, 2016

Hurricane Matthew Relief Fund

Just days after our departure from our most recent trip to Haiti, Hurricane Matthew's quick development is threatening the country. We wish to provide emergency relief and support again for our Haitian friends in Port au Prince and surrounding areas. We invite you to join us in donating those victims of the coming storm. The funding we raise will be distributed, as we did after the earthquake, with trusted beneficiaries whom we know allocating directly for various relief efforts. Thank you for your donation. 

In our September, 2016 trip to Haiti, CARE and HTHH led a delegation of faith-based influencers to Haiti to see how vital U.S. investments and partnerships are improving health outcomes for women, their families, and their communities. The trip was hosted by the former U.S. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, MD, a long-time champion and expert on global health. This trip was the latest in a several trips and outreach efforts led by HTHH and Bill Frist, MD.

On January 12, 2010, a 7.0M earthquake hit right outside the capital of Haiti, Port au Prince. The nation was devestated. Hope Through Healing Hands immediately launched a Haiti Disaster Relief Fund to provide medical services, equipment, and support for those who needed immediate clinical attention.Senator Bill Frist, M.D. flew to Haiti 5 days after the earthquake on a medical mission with Samaritan's Purse. See his blogs and photo gallery of his visit while there. HTHH raised over $160,000 which was donated in full to trusted beneficiaries we knew were already on the ground providing assistance to those who needed immediate care. See our full list of Haiti Beneficiaries here. In the aftermath of the quake, we continued to focus on the reconstruction efforts of Haiti through Senator Frist's involvement on the board of the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund.

Donate here for Hurricane Matthew relief and support in Haiti.


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