We have completed our first working draft of the Munsieville Survey, and plan to field test it this week after Stefan (our boss) goes through it to work out some kinks. In addition to things that have been going on in previous e-mails, we've also ventured out into Randfontein (about a 50 minute drive from where we're staying) twice in the past week. We've met several times now with the local government officials there (both with Stefan and Loni and myself independently). I assure you that we have been good ambassadors for the USA, ETSU, and Project HOPE! A former mayor of Randfontein gave us a formal tour of his town on Thursday and described to us it's rich history (very fascinating!). We conducted some surveys and did some home counting in the informal settlements within Randfontein as well. Once we've collected enough surveys, we plan on analyzing the data within the next couple weeks to determine what the needs are and how we might be able to use the Munsieville Model.

I am including some pictures below:


Picture Description:  The woman in red, "Mama Thandi", is giving a speech on women's health (topics include breast feeding, health screenings such as pap smears, and much more). The building we are having this meeting in is actually a church in Mabuye! They have about 200 people crammed into this tiny space on Sundays!


Picture Description:  Yes, this is the Baby Bathing. On wednesdays (every week), women from Munsieville and the surrounding informal settlements bring their babies to get a warm bath. Since it is winter, it is difficult to give their children baths without fear of them catching a cold. It's quite the event, filled with singing, giving out baby clothes, and ointments. Project HOPE is unofficially affiliated with this event, but we find ourselves helping out just about every week. It's pretty fun.